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We've all been there before. You have a job to do but you don't have anyone inside the company with the skills to do the job. So you search for a skilled developer or administrator. They seem to know the right things to say so you hire them. When you start to see the work, you are disappointed.

Wouldn't it be nice to hire a company with over 10 years of expertise in the Notes/Domino field? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see that company's work before you hire them? And furthermore, wouldn't it be nice if that company paid attention to the user interface of the applications (Notes client or web) to make it easier to understand the application without having to read the manual?

User Interface is IMPORTANT!

We have heard it said that "the interface is the application" as far as the user is concerned. We believe this wholeheartedly. While user interface isn't the only thing, it's critically important to make an application easy to use. Applications that are nice looking are frankly more fun to use than an ugly application with a bunch of complex screens.

Lotus Notes has a bad reputation in the market (in our humble opinion) for 2 reasons: (1) The mail interface was lackluster until version 8 and (2) The applications that developers have created and even the templates that IBM has included with the Notes install are ugly and hard to use.

Our approach is to make applications that are beautiful, both inside and out. The programming code that we write is well commented and well written. We make use of Object Oriented programming where it makes sense which makes the code modular and re-usable. The interfaces are simple and understandable and beautiful (using a small number of colors and easy on the eyes).